A designer, storyteller & yogi living in the mitten of the Midwest by way of the arm of the East Coast


Hi, I’m Danne—just Danne, not short for Danielle and pronounced like Danny (hence the reason I went with “justdanne.com”—well, that and my 10-letter, perfectly unpronounceable, Polish last name).

I’m a designer, storyteller, and marketing maven by trade, a yogi in my heart of hearts, and a misplaced Cape Codder who’s currently residing in the mitten state, slowly and stubbornly making peace with the idea of accepting the third coast as home.

By day, I work in the marketing and communications world, helping businesses and individuals to tell their stories and to manage their presence powerfully and effectively. When my work is done, I moonlight as a yoga teacher, which you can read more about here.

The essence of it all can really be summed up by my core values though (which I uncovered at a leadership conference a few years back): adventure, freedom, creativity, connection, and simplicity.


Fun Facts



I kept the popular blog “12 Months of Lent” for over 5 years where I challenged myself to complete a personal challenge each month.


My husband Dan and I eloped at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada—yep, Elvis walked me down the aisle. 



2015 marked my 20th year as a vegetarian—well, technically, pescatarian (I’m from Cape Cod, after all). Check out my “Vegiversary” feature in Vegetarian Times.


A true Sagittarius (my astrologer called my natal chart a “Sag Bomb”), I’ve been to 44 US states and 15 countries.