The DzenLife: Back on the Blogwagon

After I retired 12 Months of Lent, I wasn't sure if I'd get back into blogging again—or at least I had no plans to. After documenting my life so thoroughly for such a long time, I was in need of a major pause and I wasn't too worried about what would (or wouldn't) come from it. 

It was nice at first. My to-do list lightened substantially, I finally allowed myself to prioritize rest over productivity, and I took some time to focus on being wholly present in my life as it was happening. It was needed, much needed, but after a while...I started to really miss writing.

I hadn't realized what a release it had become for me. How writing was an outlet for my creativity, a means for self-expression. I had never considered myself to be a writer—but had I somehow become one? Regardless of the semantics, I knew I wanted to get back to blogging, I just had to figure out what form it would take. 

This longing to return to writing coincided with my grave need for a personal website (see my previous post for more on that), so I decided to combine the two and host my new blog here on, which is a sort of umbrella site for all the different facets of my life.

Why call it "The DzenLife"?

It's a bit of a play on words, a nod to both my Polish heritage (my last name is Dzenawagis), and my love of yoga (Zen). And let's be real, when you're a yogi and the word "Zen" is in your last name, the divine coincidence is impossible not to utilize in your personal branding, right?

So, here I am, back on the blogwagon. This blog won't be quite as structured as my previous one was (I think I'm becoming less rigid with age), but it'll be more of a "lifestyle" blog: bits and pieces of this and that that relate to my interests and my life. And who knows, there might even be a "lent" thrown in there from time to time. 

While we're on the topic of my Polish heritage too, I am currently knee-deep in Dzenawagis family genealogy research. To make a long story short (oh yes, there will be a long version), I stumbled on a long-lost distant cousin (we're still working to figure out the exact connection, but it's undoubtedly there), and she sent me this information on our shared surname:

Dzen is actually Dzien or Dz'en (it is a special symbol in Russian and a different symbol in Lithuania, but the same sound)—it means Day (prounounced Zhen)
-awagis sounds like -owagis, in -owagis the "o" sound is reduced to "a"
it is from the verb -owac (ovatch) which means to Seize
So the meaning of the name is: to Seize the Day

Isn't that incredible? Dzenawagis is the new Carpe Diem.