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I read an article recently about a study that found that people stop listening to new music at age 33. Say what?

My first thought was, "Kind of depressing, but yeah, I guess that sounds about right". This would explain why growing up, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Crosby Stills & Nash, and The Beatles were on heavy rotation in the Dzenawagis household and not much of anything that came out post-1980. 

After reluctantly admitting that there might be some truth to the study, my next thought was, "Holy s**t, wait a minute—I'm turning 33 this year. Ahhhhh!"

While it's certainly true that I haven't been obsessing over new music like I was in my teens and early 20s, I wouldn't say that I've thrown in the towel quite yet. Yes, the influx of new artists has certainly slowed, but at least I'm still open to expanding my musical repertoire beyond Saves the Day and Tilly and the Wall.

This year in particular, I've been experiencing a major uptick in discovering amazing new music—and because finding new music is equal parts easy and impossible in this age of endless choices, I thought I'd share a few of my recent favs:

Nordic Playlists: I laughed when my brother told me that he thought I only listened to Icelandic electronic music...until I realized it was true. This site curates playlists of Nordic artists, by Nordic artists, and they're all incredible. A Scandinavian music goldmine. 

Turntable Kitchen: These guys are great. They're all about pairing food and music on their site, and they're always putting together excellent mixes. This one from last Spring is my personal fav.

Leon Loft: I work for a company called Leon Speakers, and a few years ago we opened up, The Leon Loft, a performance space upstairs from our factory where Rob Reinhart hosts live episodes of his radio show, Acoustic Cafe. Honestly, every show is great, but my personal favs were: Andrew McMahon, Shakey Graves, and Matt Nathanson. We've got Houndmouth coming up later this month too which I'm super-psyched for.

Nashville Indie Spotlight on Apple Music: I'm in the middle of my 3-month free trial for Apple Music, and while I can't say that I necessarily think it's better than Spotify, their series of Nashville Indie Spotlight playlists are pretty excellent. 

Milky Chance: I heard this band playing on the radio at a vegetarian restaurant in Prague last Spring and I've been obsessed with their album, Sadnecessary, ever since. Sehr gut!

Susanne Sundfør: I love, love, love her album, Ten Love Songs. Kind of sounds like the love child of Abba, Robyn, and Kate Bush, am I right?

Farao: Oh wow, thanks for this gem, Nordic playlists. Till Its All Forgotten is my current obsession. LOVE her.

What's everyone else been listening to? Where do you go to find new music?

The way music used to be shared #mixtapesforever

The way music used to be shared #mixtapesforever