Fall Cleanse Follow-Up: Spoiler Alert, It Was AMAZING

I remember feeling absolutely amazing when I did my first ayurvedic cleanse last spring, but with 6 months between then and now, I sort of forgot what amazing actually felt like. I was quickly reminded though, because wow, this cleanse works miracles. It's my new secret weapon for when I need a quick reboot. A few days in and I felt like a new person—a new and 10,000% improved person.

Not only did I lose 8 pounds in a week (shows you how much junk I had been eating leading up to it), but I felt SO GOOD: uncharacteristically energetic, no brain fog, completely clear-minded, open, positive, and just all around great. There was such a noticeable difference in my overall mood that I think I may have even inspired Dan to cleanse with me in the spring. We'll see 😉

Though I've been back to eating "normally' for a little over a week now, the dietary train wreck that is Thanksgiving managed to quickly veer me astray, but I'm recommitting to maintaining a few healthy habits post-cleanse, including: 

  1. Keeping the refined sugar to a minimum, or better yet, having none at all. I find this time and time again when I cleanse, but sugar makes me feel AWFUL. I feel pure joy while I'm consuming Scandanavian Swimmers, but it's all downhill after that.
  2. Having a green juice or smoothie every morning. If I can get 2 servings of veggies right off the bat, there's no reason not to. 
  3. Only snacking on fruits, veggies, and nuts, but preferably, trying not to snack at all.
  4. Drinking plenty of water. 100 oz. daily felt like a bit much for me but I had no problem getting 64 oz. so that's what I'm shooting for.
  5. Eating more vegan meals. I feel quite fortunate to not have any food allergies or sensitivities, but I definitely feel better when I eat vegan. While I don't feel that committing to a plant-based lifestyle is something that I need to do right now, I can absolutely eat vegan meals more than I currently do (the Yoga Girl podcast episode, Peace, Love, and Veganism, gave me a little kick in the pants too). 

Moral of the Story: This cleanse is a miracle. If you've been eating poorly and feel sluggish and like you need to kickstart some healthy eating habits, I'd recommend giving it a try. And if you missed my previous cleanse post, here are the details on what I did. 

Kitchari, I bow to you. 🙏🏻.