Recently Enjoyed Quotes: Fall 2017

From books, articles, podcasts, social media, and more, here are some recently enjoyed quotes:

Somewhere in the corner of our hearts, we are always twenty.
— From Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
— From Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols & Celine Cousteau

Be certain to feed the light in you today. Be aware, but don’t spend time absorbing terror or nourishing fear, instead spend your time sending love and care where they’re needed, and pray without ceasing.
— Elena Brower

What happens to you is much less important than how you respond to what happens. That determines your life.
— Eckhardt Tolle

Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.
— Ariana Huffington

We all get what we tolerate.
— Tony Robbins

I never got worse at anything I practiced.
— Mary Furlong Coomer from The Moth

The world will go through a million ups and downs, some more severe than others, but we must find within ourselves what is solid, sturdy, and immovable.
— Chani Nicholas