Two Dans Make a Right: We Eloped!

Anyone who follows me on Instagram probably already knows, but on March 11, 2017, Elvis walked me down the aisle at the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada and I married my long time love, Dan. 💕

A few frequently asked questions: 

Q: Did you plan it?
A: Yes, we did. It wasn't one of those spur of the moment, "We're in Vegas, let's get married!", situations. We decided we wanted to do it a few months in advance and then planned it out from there.

Q: Did you tell your families beforehand?
A: Nope! We had mentioned the possibility of eloping before so no one was surprised that we did it, but only a very few people knew beforehand that it was actually happening (clearly I needed a girlfriend to help me pick out my outfit, I couldn't keep it a complete secret). I have to say, it was so fun calling and FaceTiming everyone to share the news, the reactions were so wonderful!

Q: What made you decide to elope?
A: Well, as a textbook introvert, the idea of having a wedding has always been sort of terrifying. I can imagine that having all of your closest friends and family gathered in one place would be amazing, but I kind of always knew that eloping was the way I wanted to do it. 

Q: You must be a huge Elvis fan, right?
A: Yes and no? I mean, I like Elvis as much as the next person, but I wouldn't consider myself a super fan. I just figured that if you're going to do the Vegas thing, you might as well go the whole 9 yards and do it with Elvis, right? Plus, I've been obsessed with 1950s Americana forever, so the whole thing seemed like a no brainer. 

Q: Was it a shotgun wedding...? 
A: Oh no, no, no. For the time being, we are currently more than happy being a party of 2 😉 

We were lucky enough to have our wonderful friend Jud fly in for the weekend from LA to serve as our official witness and wedding photographer. It was really nice to have someone we knew there and he captured such beautiful shots from the day that we're so happy to have to share with everyone. We love you Jud!


p.s. We did a "minimoon" for a few days after the ceremony in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks (both were incredible), but we just booked our real honeymoon to Croatia and Slovenia for 12 days in September! Has anyone been? Any travel advice for the newlyweds? 

p.p.s. Yes, Elvis was an absolutely giant man haha