A Short Yoga Sequence for Winter

It's the last day of January which means we made it through the first full month of winter, hooray!

The only downside is that now we have February to endure...and then March. My two least favorite months. On the upside, the weather has been fairly tolerable this winter, especially when I escaped to the PNW last weekend to visit my brother in Portland, OR and got to hike through waterfalls in 60-degree weather. Why do I always live in the cold states?

Between the waterfalls, the winter Olympics that kick off next week (I freaking love the Olympics), and the trip that Dan and I booked to Utah in March to celebrate our anniversary (the only good thing about March), I think I'll survive. 

To help us all make it through to Spring though, here's a little winter yoga sequence that you can practice at home. The intention is to move through the poses slowly and mindfully, taking long, deep breaths in each posture and working towards long holds (5–8 breaths if you can). 

Happy practicing! 🧘‍♀️❄️🙏🏻