The Late-Winter Blues

If I'm being honest, as of today, March 3rd, 2018, I am currently at the end of my winter rope. The late-winter funk is in FULL effect, and dear God, the first signs of spring cannot come soon enough. I think there's a tulip coming up in my yard under the half foot of sloppy snow we got on the first of the month...maybe? 🌷

In like a lion, out like a lamb, in like a lion, out like a lamb...

This winter has been decent, tolerable weather, a trip to the PNW, 17 days of Olympics to keep me entertained, but man, by the time March finally made its debut the other day, I felt done. So done. All of my coping mechanisms have long gone out the window, I may or may not have Googled symptoms of SAD, and basically, I am just insufferably cranky. To everyone in my life: I'm sorry. Winter Danne is kind of a B.  

But, this is how it goes every year when you live in the northernmost states. I always think that maybe if I self-care to the max that I'll make it through unscathed, but I don't. I never do. Eventually, winter takes its toll, and in the latter half of it, you just sort of check out, resolving to check back in when it's time for light jackets and open-toed shoes.

The good news? It's almost that time! As awful of a month as March is, the saving grace is that it's when the light at the end of the tunnel becomes visible. It's when you get that glimmer of hope that you've been waiting for, and when you know that the end is finally near. Can you tell that summer is my favorite season? 😉

Just to remind myself that winter wasn't all that bad this year though:

Things That Didn't Suck About Winter:

  1. I nailed my annoying to-do list full of "Those things I've been putting off forever".
  2. I finished the 7 unfinished books I had started.
  3. I blew through a bunch of Podcast series, including A Killing on the Cape, Dirty John, and Heaven's Gate (in addition to my regularly scheduled programming). 
  4. I snuck in a trip to Portland, OR visit my brother and good friend Jess.
  5. I finally gave my website and blog (Dan made me a logo, did you see? Isn't it beautiful?) the refresh that it needed.

Things I'm looking Forward to in March:

  1. Our first wedding anniversary (March 11th to be exact)! I think I've mentioned it before, but I intentionally wanted to get married in March because it's my least favorite month of the year. I figured it would always give me something to look forward to—and let's be real, an excuse to take a trip. 
  2. That being said...we're going to Utah next week to celebrate. Having this trip to look forward to is saving my life right now. Salt Lake City, 3 National Parks, and glamping in Moab. I cannot wait. 
  3. The actual first day of spring is March 20th which is less than 3 weeks away—it's really happening!
  4. Daylight savings time is also this month (on our anniversary actually) which means a whole extra hour of daylight is coming our way. YES. 
  5. The online book club that I'm a part of is reading an illustrated book of poetry, The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur and I'm really excited to dive in, it looks absolutely beautiful. 

Happy Almost Spring! 

p.s. I thought this list of the months ranked from worst to best was funny (and mostly accurate, although July, August, and September are my top 3, sorry October).